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My Body (poem)

Sunday, 19 April 2009

My Body

My body is a place for me to live comfortably.

A place that I can move around in freely to stretch and grow and reach

My body is my home, a warm cozy place to snuggle into

A substantial aura that surrounds me, yet is not me

My body is an extension of myself, but it is not all of me

My body is connected to me, but does not control me

Sometimes, I decorate my body as a means of expressing ME

Sometime, I don't; I want people to look beyond the ornaments

My body is beautiful either way

My body sustains me and allows me to communicate with the world

My body is a flexible, adaptable environment for me to flourish in

MY body is mine

My body is not a toy for you to play with; it is my tool for survival

We can make love or music together with me body

But you cannot pluck away at it and expect it to resound

My body is not a trophy to carry and mount for display

My body is not a prize or object to be paraded for others

My body is not static and is not perfect in the literal sense

For perfection means finished:

My body will never be finished until I die

My body will continue to flow and change with time

Nothing about my body is permanent

My body will age with time

My body will get softer and lost it's resiliency

My body will become more fragile and wrinkles will appear

It will not be the end of my meaningful life

My body needs no correcting

My body is not a compilation of parts to be selected

My body is not a machine

You cannot simply push the "right" button and "give" me an orgasm

You can only provide touch through the sensory network of my skin

And allow me to respond in my own unique way

You cannot make my body yours

But I might decide to share it with you

My body is not empty without you

Although it can expand to let you in

My body is whole

My body is not a form of art in the usual sense

My body is beautiful, but not something got be worshipped

My body is only a representation of myself

A crude likeness, partially reflecting what lives inside

My body is a safe and wonderful place for ME

My body is mine


July 1993