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June 13-18, 2011 ~ Guerneville CA

Coming Home to Your Sexual Power

Workshop for Men

Presented by z - Ian

  • Who am I as a sexual being?
  • What keeps me from showing up freely and completely in life?
  • How do my past history, wounds, traumas, family and religious upbringing, and self-judgments keep me stuck in the same old patterns?
  • How have I disconnected from my erotic life force energy?
  • How can I live fully in my power and desire?

In this workshop, we will examine how our sexual story, body shame, habits, beliefs, and past conditioning prevent us from getting what we want in life and from showing up as our authentic selves.  Using a combination of Tantric and Taoist philosophies and techniques, conscious integrative breathwork, and group and partnered exercises involving sound, movement, and erotic touch, we will explore the interplay of boundaries and desire, the balance of masculine and feminine energies, and expanded male orgasm.  We will also connect more deeply with our innate erotic life force energy and learn how to utilize this energy for transformation, empowerment, heart-opening, and higher states of consciousness.

The workshop is for MEN ONLY of all sexual orientations and preferences and involves group nudity and safe erotic touch. No previous experience is required. Activities will also include active breathing, movement, and stretching and may be mildly physically demanding.

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