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I offer
: Exploring Tantra : Sensual Massage : Sex Coaching :

I am based in Puyallup, near Tacoma and not far from Seattle.
I serve women, men and couples.

Welcome to Afternoons with Ananda.

When you meet me, you are meeting a woman with a full, rich life who has afternoons and early evenings to share time with select men and women who can appreciate all I have to offer.

I offer in-studio sessions at my Puyallup location Monday - Friday from noon - 6/7 pm, and occasional Saturdays from noon - 3/4

I offer Many sessions and Many types of offerings; my website describes all of them fully.

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7 years into my sensual healing practice, I bring maturity and wisdom, with a dynamic level of energy to my custom crafted sessions. I am a genuine companion and sensual artist, NOT a euphemism. In an industry of people from many varied backgrounds, using many similar words, I am the 'real deal'.

Who am I?

   ~ I am 43 & vibrantly healthy & alive in my body.

   ~ I have bright blue eyes, blond hair & alabaster skin.

   ~ I take exquisite care of myself in all ways: hygienically, nutritionally, & aesthetically.

   ~ I am built for curves and comfort - '3 bears' style - not tooo soft, not too firm but JUSSST right.

   ~ I am professional, playful & passionate.

   ~ I am here to stay & won't disappear once you've found me.

   ~ I enjoy meeting new people & enjoy getting to know people over time and learning their special preferences.

   ~ I am a fantastic communicator with words, and TOUCH is my primary language.

   ~ I take care of business details before your session; your session time is all about YOU.

   ~ I value your time & your privacy as much as my own.

   ~ I do not play games & I mean what I say & I do what I say I will. I am safe, clean & FUN.

People enjoy many different things and that's all good! If you enjoy touch, touching, presence, real connection & a deep authentic experience with a real person who has complete comfort in her own skin; then you are in the right place. If you are seeking a scripted session, power play or a stereotype I am not the gal for you. If you aren't sure, come on in and let's find out!

Who do I most Enjoy Spending time with?

I very much enjoy meeting people from all walks of life; it's part of what makes this avocation stimulating and engaging. Here are some things that work especially well for me:

   ~ People who "get" both Jimmy Buffett and Sci-fi

   ~ People who love to read and have active minds

   ~ People who love the outdoors and find being outside sensual

   ~ Age doesn't matter to me - I enjoy people who are alive and exploring at any age

   ~ People who love touch - sounds obvious - but truly I resonate with people who love touch as much as I do

   ~ People who love critters and understand my passion for my rescue pack

   ~ People who are retired, self-employed or can get away during the day to visit me

   ~ People who love music and/or bring music to share

   ~ People who love art, dance, travel and find that those add to their passions

   ~ People who experience sensuality in everyday life or will let me show them how

   ~ People who are working through bereavement or estrangement - I have a gift for healing here

   ~ People who enjoy conversation AND who can dive right into the Physical experience with me

The work offered by ME is:

Deep, Intimate, Personal; Each session Unique & Customized

My world is:

Welcoming, Safe, Discreet & Contained

My studio is:

Classy & Elegant and like stepping into your second home, cabin or favorite B&B, all in one

My work is about Authentic PRESENCE. You will not find me to be superficial; I do not act a part. I am genuine. I am honest. I am passionate.


My platinum level session is titled "Shared Time and Essence" and allows for the possibility of possibility.... For the gentleman (or lady) who wants to be free to explore in the moment and see where that moment takes us.

Although I may schedule more than one sensual touch or coaching appointment in a day, I schedule only one Shared Time and Essence session. This is to allow me to maintain my energy at a peak level for profound, real time authentic passion during those most interactive moments. It can take 1-3 in studio days to arrange one of these sessions, and will be completely worth your efforts. Please, when scheduling allow time both before and after for an unrushed drive during which you can anticipate or reflect upon those delicious moments.