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Carla Tara

New york

Skilled Master Tantrika

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I offer
: Exploring Tantra : Sensual Massage : Sex Coaching :

I welcome women, men and couples
and offer consultations by phone or skype.

My gifts as a Tantric healer include:

~ Deliciously creative Tantric massage

~ Meditative practices to learn to stay focused on giving and receiving pleasure

~ Breathing techniques for connecting deeply and using the energy to prolong your highest pleasure

~ Using sounds that expand energy and create incredible vibrations, stirring up the Kundalini

~ Elegantly effective Kama Sutra love-making positions

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Everything I've learned in my many years of experience as a Tantra and Yoga instructor, psycho-therapist, couples’ counselor, and spiritual healer I skillfully bring into my sessions, while sharing with a sense of humor that makes learning even the most challenging esoteric techniques lots of fun.

Men discover how to have enhanced erections, sustain them longer, and overcome premature ejaculation. They find they can have full-body orgasms and have ejaculatory choice. They learn specific ways to manually and orally stimulate their partner's yoni including her clitoris and her Goddess Spot (G-spot).

Women learn how to massage their male partner's prostate. They discover how they can love their own bodies unconditionally while accepting and enjoying the responsibility for their own multiple orgasms. They will experience their partner’s loving to treat them like goddesses co-creating a complete sexual spiritual pleasure.

In my private sessions I pamper each of my clients with tender loving care. If you feel you can benefit from my focused attention, please contact me.

I also offer phone sessions to guide you into how to experience your body and learn the techniques.

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