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ISIS Phoenix


Sensual Shaman ~ Transformation through the sacred practice of pleasure

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I offer
: Exploring Tantra : Sensual Massage : Sex Coaching :

I serve women, men and couples;
I am based in the Boston area and often visit New York.
I offer numerous workshops and classes.

Creative sexual energy is the most powerful form of life source energy. It is also the energy that is in need of the most healing due to shame and guilt associated with this powerful transformative source. Expanded erotic states can provide us with greater health, longer orgasms, personal empowerment and sexual magic practices.

I am ISIS Phoenix, a sensual shaman who weaves pleasure, eroticism and God/Goddess embodiment into everyday life. My sessions focus on awakening the erotic spirit, deepening levels of pleasure, and expanding our energy system and inner concepts of divinity.

boston sacred sexuality, sensual massage ma

During our sacred time together we may explore:

~ Sensual Healing, Loving Touch

~ Soulful Erotic Meditation

~ Sensual Shamanic Body Blessings Ceremonies

~ Conscious Ecstatic Breathing Practices

~ Orgasmic Mindfulness

~ Erotic movement and sound explorations

~ Awakening the animal essence

My sessions are interactive and transmission focused and are about reclaiming and deepening our ability to experience pleasure in our everyday lives.

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