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: Exploring Tantra : Sensual Massage : Sex Coaching :

I offer sessions for women, men and couples, and phone or skype sessions.
I am based in Central Florida and available to travel.

Pleasure is your Birthright

There is a realm of pleasure awaiting you that most people never experience.  In my Tantric Temple I am present only for you, preparing  myself and my sanctuary for your arrival. Once inside, you will be transported to another place in time, where the Goddess prevailed and there was no shame in our nakedness.

In my practice of Tantra, I will share with you how to relax deeply, quieting your mind, releasing inhibitions, and breathing deeply to integrate Mind, Body & Spirit. Without judgement, I will honor you my dear Seeker, leading you on a journey of self discovery and sensual awareness. Drink from me the wine that flows thru my body.

tantra massage orlando, ft lauderdale

Pleasure Heals

The practices that I have developed over the years will exceed your imagination! I believe my age and depth of experience are an asset and help me to unlock the hidden potency lying dormant within you! Many of my clients report back that they experience inner peace and contentment that lasts for many days, or even weeks, after our session is over.

Tantra practitioners and Daka/Dakini are the pioneers and midwives of this new era. We are birthing the energy of authentic love, opening a pathway to greater awareness and self actualization.

For those interested in expanding your awareness of intimacy, I offer coaching, focusing on ANY topic or issue you would like to discuss privately with a highly skilled Tantric Therapist. I have 25+ year experience in all areas of interpersonal relationships; monogamy, bisexuality, polyamory, swinging and D/s.


Please be sure to inquire about my exclusive and extended retreats for couples and mentoring students.

I am also offering VIP lodging and chauffer pickup from the Orlando Airport or your resort hotel.