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: Exploring Tantra : Sensual Massage : Sex Coaching :

I offer sessions for women, men and couples, and phone or skype sessions.
I am based in Central Florida and available to travel.


Imagine how your life would have been different had you been taken to the Goddess Temple as a young man, welcomed, and taught the ways of women... In ancient times there were temples, kivas, and secret caves, where sacred sexuality was shared without shame or guilt. The temple Priestess nurtured, bathed and adored Seekers of the Goddess. Every Spiritual Warrior in our culture today needs a sacred space to lay down his shield and his sword. I invite you inside my temple.... Namaste'

tantra massage orlando, ft lauderdale


You will find that I am extremely open and willing to discuss and demonstrate skills to enhance your sensuality. The first session ALWAYS begins with TANTRA INITIATION. This creates a bond and a container for a safe consensual experience. Learn how to master and harness the dynamic power within yourself, increasing your potency and confidence.If you find yourself in that place of desiring more, then consider having a rendezvous with LADY V. Let me teach you how to activate the unlimited potential within yourself!


In this 90 min. session, I welcome you into my Tantra Lounge, sharing the theory and basics of Tantra, explaining and demonstrating just how the energy in your system actually works. Then we will go outdoors "au natural" using my heated, private pool to experience estatic body awareness and complete acceptance in my embrace. You will be receptive and the focus of my passion as we move indoors to the Loving Room, where I will lay your body down.

Surrender to loving touch, releasing stress with each breath as my hands skillfully move energy over your entire system, activating your Kundalini energy. Many Devotees enjoy full body orgasm with this powerful release technique.

Suggested donation for Tantric Instruction and Coaching -
$300 90 min, $400 for 2 hours. Additional time-$150 per hour.

PHONE AND SKYPE SESSIONS: Coaching sessions available - Please Ask!

AVAILABLE TO TRAVEL: I do travel and post my schedule on my website. I enjoy travel with seekers who sponsor my trip and with advance planning. I have an updated passport, and prefer warmer climates especially this time of year!