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: Exploring Tantra : Sensual Massage : Sex Coaching :

I welcome women, men and couples to my studio in Miami.
I also offer coaching sessions by Skype.

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Take a break from the outside world ~ enter a serene, sensual environment. Gaia's sweet, fun personality will immediately put you at ease. You can keep the session more technical with discussing skills (i.e. better love making, becoming multi-orgasmic, tantric meditation) or you can have a more intimate session by using the time to breath and eye-gaze with a tantric partner. You will leave with the session with the feeling that you opened up to a new part of yourself.

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Attain Bliss Tantra combines ancient ritual practices, white tantra, meditation, yoga, and modern humanistic psychology to facilitate the deepest possible connection to self. At its core, Tantra is a meditative approach to sexuality, where the practitioner uses the breath to intensify sexual sensation and then move that sexual energy throughout the body.

Tantra Sessions:

Tantric Sacred Sexuality Education occurs in either a workshop setting or private coaching session in a therapy office/yoga studio or Skype. The practitioner is taught a graded series of exercises and practices designed to help him or her learn to identify and amplify sexual energy and to then use the breath to move these sensations throughout the body. Students are given homework between sessions.

Since Tantra is a series of practices, the learning of it is primarily experiential. While questions are answered and the rationale is provided for each practice, most of the learning is by doing.

I can also include with the coaching: Taoist practices, Qi gong, Hatha yoga, and energy healing.