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A Journey of Tantric Exploration

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: Exploring Tantra : Sensual Massage : Sex Coaching :

Perhaps your interest is Tantra.  With simple Tantric techniques that awaken your senses, breath techniques to open your energy channels, and postures like Yab Yum to invite deeper levels of connection....we can open up to experience the delightful flow of life force within.  Let each moment become a celebration of life, of feeling/being love.  You may feel drawn to learn meditation, or how to fully give and receive a proper hug.  Maybe you love giving and  receiving massage, and would like to acquire new skills.  Lets explore together the beauty and magic of being fully present while surrendering to the subtle sensations of Bliss Rising.

Allow me to take you on a journey of exploration within yourself using my hands of loving touch.  Come into my sanctuary and  fall into a state of bliss with me.  Tantric work is my joy and this is an invitation for you to share this experience.

sydney tantric healing, tantra massage

Sensual and Erotic Massage connects sexual energy with the heart and rejuvenates your entire body.  I shall guide you through a world a pleasure using the 5 senses so you can be in tune with your whole body as we explore touch in a sacred space.   My style of body work is an invitation for a sensual journey that can lead to astounding joy.  How much pleasure are you willing to let in?

Avenues of exploration that I am certified to offer you...

~ Sensual/Erotic Massage
~ Tantra Practices and techniques
~ Yoni, Lingham Massage
~ Sacred G-Spot massage both male and female
~ Heartworks Lomi Lomi
~ Ili Ili Hot Stones
~ Balinese Massage
~ Breath works
~ Hugging/Cuddling

Feel free to ask me about my services so that we can find what is best suited for your current situation.

Some things you may wish to ask yourself before a session is: 

~ How much pleasure am I willing to allow in?
~ What am I needing right now in this moment? 
~ Do I have any expectations around the session? 
~ What are my boundaries and intentions?

I work with men, women and couples and my wish is that you return to your daily life feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful.

I am a Sacred Sexual Healer,
and as I continue to awaken to the life force energy that flows through me, I am inspired to share it with you, that you too may open to the divine energy within.

Please visit my website and contact me from there.