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Body and Soul.

Are you looking for more intimacy and connection in your life?

Or perhaps a relaxing, healthy, sensual oasis?

We are a select directory of tantra, sensual massage, sexual healing and coaching professionals.

We offer experiences and guidance for your pleasure, healing and discovery. We welcome your sensuality and your spirituality, and bring the two together.

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Our erotic professionals offer:

Tantra skills can be conveyed in a clothed, instructional format or woven into a deeply erotic experience - either one bringing joy and deeper connection with your beloved. Each tantric professional offers their own style and level of intimacy.Read more...

Sensual Massage and Bodywork
Attention is on you, your pleasure and discovery, with nothing to give back. Deeply arousing, comforting, insightful, healing or transformative, it's all about you! Read more...

Sex Coaching and Healing
This is a focus on your desire to learn and heal. Activities may range from talking, to bodywork, to skills coaching, to sensual play. Here you can learn intimacy skills and get help with sexual function or other challenges.Read more...

Explore your erotic self...